Hello Diana!

Say hello to my “Diana – dreamer “! ^_^

Always been wanting it!!! like a rushing-itchy-urge to have it but couldn’t get one because it wasn’t sold anywhere here in India. And finally someone turned out to be my Santa Claus,  to gift me with this “Lomography Dreamer Diana F+ Camera”, my first toy camera!!!  I swear i totally fell in love with it!!!

Dreamer proudly sits in my hand with its pretty coat of paleturquoise color, its surface textured on the corners. It holds a capacity of 16 pictures per roll. Right now im using the color ISO 400 film.

Me and my dreamer ^_^

Details about my pretty dreamer :
Removable plastic lens to allow for wide angle pin hole shots.
– Ability to do endless panorama shots and multiple exposures
– 2 Shutter speeds
– 2 Picture sizes: 12 shot or 16 shot
– Requires 120 Medium format film
– Film available in: Colour ISO 100 / Colour ISO 400 / Black & White

I gave my first roll to be washed but unluckily it didn’t turn out very well because that studio didn’t really know stuffs about Lomography so for my next roll ive already done researches on studios that deals on this type of photography…and so im hoping to bring a better quality in my next blog! No editing straight from the film ->

Now check out these pretty more Diana varieties…don’t you wish you could take a hold of all of it??? 😀 I wish i could have all this in my room more than shoes in my room lol

My Next money saving is going to be on a fish eye Lomo camera. i want it so baaaddd again :D. check out this one: 
Its a ” Rip Curl & Lomography Fish Eye Camera “

So yeah! how’d you like?? Didn’t it just make you smile? These little Plastic toy memory catcher, they always make me smile.
Toli x x x


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