Back to challenge!!!

Alright i couldn’t keep myself updated with the 30 days challenge but i’m starting over where i left and this time im gonna complete it! trust me!!
Q: My zodiac sign and if i ever think its fits my personality?

=> No doubt i’m proud to be a “Libr-ian” and ah well i don’t know if i fit right into that libra person’s personalities…but let me tell you some characters of mine.

a) i get annoyed when people fight or argue and i don’t like to be a part of it or get myself into that kind of matter. If im angry or pissed or annoyed instead of screaming and yelling and making things more dramatic i make myself chill by being alone or writing about how im feeling.

b) i cant decide!!! no i can’t!! don’t ask me to take sides…i hate it…you know you are asking me to commit suicide when you as me that.

c) I like to smile and be happy and make others feel the same too when days are not right.

d) Im lazy when i am lazy orelse im fine and normal :p

Oh well! it looks as if im bragging…so m gonna stop here….if you know me then you can assume if im the right person of this sign or not and even if you don’t know me, don’t matter…this is just nothing really! ;D

Peace, Love and Blessings,
toli x x x


Bun! BUN! BUN!BUN! BUn! Bun! bun!!

The most easiest hairdo and my most ideal hair style, always stylish, so pretty and cute! …..”The bun”
 It such an easy look with so many different styling options – wear it messy, wear it sleek and smooth, wear it low, wear it high or wear it side??? –  just the perfect look when you have on of those “bad-hair-days” in whatever and however you think you look best.




The sleek, smooth and neat top knot is a perfect look  for a night out or a more dressed up look with a pair of bold earrings or a pretty necklace and there you’d look smashing…..as perfect as Hepburn! 😉

 The messy bun, girly-girly, naughty , a little sexy and a little bohemian, it gives off an air of confidence and attitude. I get my messy bun by tying it high up , a little loose and then blow-drying it, which brings out some loose ends and thus the ‘oh-so-messy” hair bun. (PS: my mom thinks i looks uncivilized in it lol )

To do it on yourself, select a part and gather your hair into a low, mid or high ponytail, depends upon you, however you like it, then fasten it with an elastic. n oh i read that : For some texture and the perfect messy look, spritz the length with a salt spray – it will also add some grip and make it easier to style. Coil it around the elastic, secure with bobby pins and you’re done.

N oh don’t forget! the,“It-Hairstyle” the braid-bun. Pretty easy to style it, depending on what kind of braid you’d like, its fancy and makes it proper for occasions.

To make your bun exciting you can add some hair accessories like the Spin Pin, it makes creating a bun easy breezy.Wrap your hair into a bun and then simply twist the pins into the bun like a screw. No elastic or anything else needed – it will stay there untill a tornado hits your head ;p

Pin a little flower or pom at the side, or stick hair pins with embellishments into the bun itself. For a fancier look or event, try a sparkly crystal brooch or clip, pinned to the side of the bun.
Im blabbering too much now….so m gonna shut myself here.  So try them yourself and hope you have fun as much as i do ^_^
Stay stylish and Stay Blessed,
Love Toli ❤ x x x