DIY : Tye dye love

Heyllow ^_^
         Continuing with my DIY shorts project, today i have another shorts made using tye dye 😀
          Tye dye projects were never fun to me back in school. Maybe because my dear ex-teachers never understood my sense of designs and maybe because i was bored of explaining to them and getting criticized back…how sad hahaha. But oh well! School’s over and i can do whatever my heart wishes too :p
        Anyways here’s my another work and i made it colorful since i love colors and also becuase summer’s coming to an end soon and i want to remember summer with lots of beautiful colors that not only makes you feel chic to wear it but also make you happy and even make others happy when they see you wearing it :D.
 I hope you love it 🙂

you could color it however you like but you gotta be careful that the color doesn’t bleed into one another,
 it would cause disaster.

This one’s for sell too. Contact me if interested at my facebook page or my email id.
Loads of love , 
God bless,
Toli x x x


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