Polka dot . . . .

Hellow peaches!
              Sorry for being away for so long… i’ve been living a nomad’s life the past 3 weeks away from all Home’s comfort… but now im back and i will make it up for the days i went MIA!
             Just wanted to say Hellow to you guys and drop a little style to you that i forgot to post earlier :p
If you love polka dots then you’d love this…if not then get inspired :p
             Do you know how Minnie Mouse became a trendsetter??? 
                  Well s the story goes Walt Disney while he was drawing a character some of his ink accidentally dripped onto the page and some of it fell onto the dress of the drawn character. He thought that it was a lucky coincidence simply because he didn’t want to do a solid color dress because it’s too boring; stripes were out of style at the time and the dots seemed to be a perfect medium. And Voila Minnie’s polka dress came to Life!
             I love polkas n i will update more of my love for it in the coming days…so keep updated and do let me know if you start to like it too 😀

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