Insane Cut!

Alright! After almost four years i finally had the courage to say goodbye to my long hair. Last night i went insane got my hair chopped off by MYSELF!!! i dont know if im happy or proud of what i did but m still in the adjusting mode haha. 
Cutting fabrics for two whole days , a school project that im working on….this is how my weekend is going on :p

I realized always cut your hair in the spur of the moment. Don’t think, thinking will stop you from doing it. Just do it without thinking haha. That’s what i did 😀

Its upto you if you wanna do it like me haha 😀
toli x x x


DIY: floral Head band

I love floral headbands and i can’t get enough of it!!! and i dont wanna spend much on head bands so i decided why not buy the materials (cheap rate) n make myself some beautiful headbands :Dall you need :
a) flower beads (check for the ones with holes so u could stitch em)
b) scissor
c) simple headband ( you can even make ure self one)
d) thread n needle

Hope you guys like it…..and try making yourself a floral head band too. Its Spring time 😀
Happy Weekend.
Stay Peachy
Love toli x x x

New Old School

Hey Peaches,
Sorry for my irregular posts, my school routine and the load has been eating up my time and i get so dead tired in the evenings to make a post. Although i got some exciting things which m gonna DIY n show you guys soon.
And oh i learnt crochet…FINALLy!! after all the days of struggle trying to learn the art of crochet-ting back in Nift Bangalore while doing my bachelors……i learnt here in a day and i’m doing a project on it haha. Im pretty proud of myself to tell you guys that haha 😀 

Adore this 50’s style headband…..florals n headbands perfect combo for a sunny spring day ^_^
Have a Blessed weekend

Stay Peachy,
God Bless,
Love Toli x x x


Lazy Peach

Spring break is over and classes have begun again and the new time table is a KILLER! from morning 9am till 6pm in the evening and this picture below is exactly what i do everyday after i return back to my room from the days labour. 
Btw did i tell you spring is Here 😀 FINALLY! There’s like sunshine every single day, its such a great weather at the moment, not too hot too cold ^_^ a reason that gives me joy to go to college haha.
Anyways Hope you all having a good sunny week too.
Stay peachy always ^_^
Love Toli x x x


The Little Black jacket by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld

As Part of the Milan Design week, Chanel brought about their exhibition with classic stunning photographs of the classic black jacket worn by different personalities. Absolute breathtaking, u could totally feel the air of chanel-ness the moment you walk in there. Every single picture photographed by karl and Carine.

The Man!
The Me! 
And yes they did give away free posters each to everybody who came to the exhibition ^_^
Watch video of the making ^_^