Full Bloom: Prints on prints

                        Have you ever tried prints on prints or you have been wanting to try it but your too afraid about how the look will go by. Well as risky and intimidating it can be, mixing prints the right way can make your day as fun as it can be.
                     Whenever you’re mixing prints, always keep one piece neutral or opt for a more subtle one piece. Don’t over do with more than two prints or patterns, you will absolutely kill the look. When donning allover florals, be sure to keep one print bold and one smaller scale and yes of course, choose the same color family it will help blend your prints.
                     Finally accessorise with a solid item and your look is all set! 

This a DIY skirt. handstitched…yes handstitched! i decided i will not spend my bucks on buying but rather create things for myself and yes i have begun doing it. And soon im gonna show you guys things  i will be creating in the days to come hehe. 
100% polyester with a sheer look. One of my fav summer outfit. i love the feel of it, that feel when you feel like you ain’t wearing anything. got me?? haha
So yeah! Enjoy mixing prints, have fun with them…just remember not to overdo them 🙂
Get Inspired,
Stay Peachy,
Bless you
Love Toli x x x

DIY : Beaded Elphie!!!

Hullo peaches,
                    Wanna bring life to your plain cardigan?? Simple work…embellish it!


                                   Meet Elphie (elphi) my lil Big be-jewelled elephant ^_^

I made elephant shape cutouts from the leftover cutouts of my denims that i had used for making shorts. after cutting out the shape i needed, i bleached it to give a faded look after which i stitched it on the cardigan and then beaded it up.

I took the inspiration from the decorated Indian elephants. They’re always so prettily decorated, so bright, vibrant , playful and makes you so happy just by looking at it itself.

                Fluorescent and gold beads gets a bold stand on a grey background for a stunning shoulder.

Hope you all love it and you could try making like this one, all you need is just a little patience and love to work.
Get inspired and stay Blessed.
Toli x x x


DIY: Half n a Half

Hello peachy ones ^_^
               Loads of love to you all….im sure you have been having a fine week 🙂
Tonight im not going to blabber,i’m in a “butterflyattcakinmystomach” moment and i’m not telling you now! :p
but here’s another of my DIY tie dye shorts. Its been dyed half-n-half with a splash effect. Hope you like it. Its up for sell again 😀

If you’re interested you can leave me a message here or if you are at my facebook page you can leave me an inbox and i will hit back right to you!!
Thank you for all of your love,
Stay inspired and Keep the faith!
Love always,
Toli x x x


DIY : Bleach and Dye shorts

Hello everyone,
          Hoping everyone’s had a fine week and even if you didn’t, don’t worry bad days comes and goes, i face it almost every time, you just gotta smile and jump over it 🙂

For today’s post i worked on my short, it sure did take me some time trying to get the right effect i wanted. I first bleached a dark blue denim short and then later dyed it. To dye after bleaching you need to get to have that perfect white bleached surface and its hard to get a white bleach effect on a dark color so i had to bleach it over and over again. and voila! patience paid me :D.
Hope you like the look 🙂

Get inspired,
Be blessed,
Love TOLI!!! x x x x

PS: This one is for sell too ^_^


Diy : Tie Dye patches!

Hellows ^_^
             last week i was caught up with much work i couldn’t really make anything much love patches??  here it is, my patchy tie-dye work. Its pretty easy to make but takes a little bit much time. i first used a paint brush n sprayed the dye to get the patch effect. It depends upon what kind of patches you and how you want it sprayed upon. Anyways after the patches got dried, i then dyed it vertically over it using a lighter color. And again later i worked over it with studs.
Hope you like it?? 🙂
Stay Blessed,
Love Toli x x x

denim tie-dye shorts
800 rupees + courier tax.
For orders : You can message me on my page on facebook ‘ life is peachy’


DIY : Tye dye love

Heyllow ^_^
         Continuing with my DIY shorts project, today i have another shorts made using tye dye 😀
          Tye dye projects were never fun to me back in school. Maybe because my dear ex-teachers never understood my sense of designs and maybe because i was bored of explaining to them and getting criticized back…how sad hahaha. But oh well! School’s over and i can do whatever my heart wishes too :p
        Anyways here’s my another work and i made it colorful since i love colors and also becuase summer’s coming to an end soon and i want to remember summer with lots of beautiful colors that not only makes you feel chic to wear it but also make you happy and even make others happy when they see you wearing it :D.
 I hope you love it 🙂

you could color it however you like but you gotta be careful that the color doesn’t bleed into one another,
 it would cause disaster.

This one’s for sell too. Contact me if interested at my facebook page or my email id.
Loads of love , 
God bless,
Toli x x x


DIY : Pump up ure shorts

hello my lovely ones,
                So today im starting my short project. This is just the start and i got a lot more coming up, from acid dyeing to tye dyeing….im so excited to share with all of you.

     Anyways today i just wanna show you guys something i made at home- easy and chic.
All you need is get a High waisted short( no textures please) , an iron, metal studs and military buttons, needle and thread and scissor and voila, you’ll have the magic work in your hands.

I hope you love this work as much as i do and its for “SELL” so if anyone’s interested let me know by emailing me at : toliazzumi@hotmail.com or you can check out my page on facebook “life is peachy”
Loads of Love,
toli x x x
High waisted shorts ( Navy blue)
Price – 800 (Indian rupees + courier tax)