Peachy days

Lomography India has come up with this styling competition and if you win you get to win a lomography camera!!! i already got my Diana but i want more!!! greedy?? well you can’t help it…its LOMO!!! ^_^
It was just a perfect day to get some shot…so up we went to our favorite place, “the terrace’ got some xyz shots. It was so windy and drizzling at the same time…that made my dress and me frou frou along.
i don’t know if i will win and its olright even if i don’t win…it just gave me another reason to get a ” cheese”
Wish me luck tho?? :p
Love and Blessings 
toli x x x

backless Dress worn as skirt – miss selfridge
red cropped blazer – thrift shop
leather clutch – thrift shop
earrings and bangles – forever 21
shoe – Mommy’s :p\
Thank you bin for the shots —-> follow her blog http://irriberry-pausa.blogspot.in/


50’s back!

Fashion from the 1950’s is synonymous with elegance, class, sophistication and fun. There were two main styles of dresses : swing and pencil

Nothing like a lazy-relaxing spring afternoon, laying in the sun, reading your favourite book, sipping on an icy cold green tea and maybe later bubble play?? Here’s a shoot i did with my lil cousin in my room balcony, as we really had nothing else much to do :p

Vintage 50’s cream n blue stripe pencil style dress
you don’t own a pearl necklace? why not flick your mom’s?? :p
white floral kitten heels.
thank you kaka, your my lil lovely muse 😀 
till next time,
Take care and Jesus Loves don’t forget ^_^
toli x x x


A Saturday on Novemeber

Ola ^_^
hope all’s weekend going goood!!! mine was okay here. It rained today but ah well it was just a really pleasant day. Since im going home soon and winter time screams = Wedding time….i needed some clothes!!!! So i decided to go shopping. So me and two of my mates went along. I wanted to dress up and go for some reasons i don’t know why haha but as it started raining i got bored and i just got myself into this old torn out jean shorts, my floral net tops, silver laced blazer, black stockings and my pink floral sneakers!
We went into Zara… I really liked a dress, it was emerald green, knee length, cuts around the sleeves…it was really pretty!! but sadly they did not have a small size and so yea i ended buying just a pretty fuchsia pink stole for my mommy and i came home disappointingly 😦 haha. We’re going tomorrow to another mall to try our luck again so hopefully. Ill let you know how it all goes.
Anyways i gotta go bed now. its past 1 am and everyone’s asleep except me still wide awake as an owl.
Goodnight and sweet dreams and good day!
Jesus loves…never forget!!! ^_^

 say hello to my pretty ones ^_^

 if moustaches occurred for women!!!

 why should kids have all the fun alone!!!

Toli x x x



Some vintage shoot.

Had this styling photo shoot done for a group of friends for some school project …themed on retro Vintage romance or something i can’t really remember but yeah it was something to do with vintage haha. So wanted a bike and we found a bike for the shoot and the perfect location too. I liked the whole part of having a bike…the big bow for my headband…the floral shirt for the guy with suspenders , nerd glasses ( they are my real powered glasses…im blind without it haha),  the wooden doors and window for the background and the green creepers with its pretty purple flowers. It gives the mood of a perfect retro vintage tale.
 SO here’s some pictures from the shoot….hope you guys like it 🙂
Toli x x x

                                                                      toli didn’t know how to sit? lol

Photography : Dolly dobla