amour d’été : Summer Love

              Hope you all have been keeping peachy. 
Remember my May post? http://azzumi-yes-azzumi.blogspot.it/2013/05/peek-boo-to-my-blossom-outfit.html  Well i finally completed the whole outfit and yes of course i had to redo my skirt design twice cos i was not happy and finally i was satisfied with this! hehe

We had our shoot done out in this lovely park a walking distance from where i live, it was perfect spot for us under this mulberry trees ^_^
Danny enjoying being fitted on haha

 Deriving my inspiration from horse chestnuts, i used its elements to create this wholly “hand sewn” ensemble. It took me quite a lot of time because you gotta be perfect when you are hand sewing + cutting out little fabric florals and then embellishing them kinda almost made me go crazy but it was all the worth it.

              Since it was not the season to find a real horse chestnuts i used the ordinary nuts they sell in the market to put on my shoe which i painted then so that no insects or other bugs gets attracted to my shoes! Painting and creating the sole was a tough part. I used studs to give the spike effect for the sole and for the back edges that relates to the spikey chestnut skin.


So that is all. Hope you liked it and hope it inspires you too 🙂
You can watch the short Film made on the ensemble below. Share and Leave me a comment if you like ^_^
Model : Daniela Masias
Tops : tulle with cotton & polyester floral cut outs
Skirt : Polyester fr lining and lace 
Shoes : suede, studs and nuts 
Loads of Love ,
Stay peachy and stay Blessed,
Toli x x x


Full Bloom: Prints on prints

                        Have you ever tried prints on prints or you have been wanting to try it but your too afraid about how the look will go by. Well as risky and intimidating it can be, mixing prints the right way can make your day as fun as it can be.
                     Whenever you’re mixing prints, always keep one piece neutral or opt for a more subtle one piece. Don’t over do with more than two prints or patterns, you will absolutely kill the look. When donning allover florals, be sure to keep one print bold and one smaller scale and yes of course, choose the same color family it will help blend your prints.
                     Finally accessorise with a solid item and your look is all set! 

This a DIY skirt. handstitched…yes handstitched! i decided i will not spend my bucks on buying but rather create things for myself and yes i have begun doing it. And soon im gonna show you guys things  i will be creating in the days to come hehe. 
100% polyester with a sheer look. One of my fav summer outfit. i love the feel of it, that feel when you feel like you ain’t wearing anything. got me?? haha
So yeah! Enjoy mixing prints, have fun with them…just remember not to overdo them 🙂
Get Inspired,
Stay Peachy,
Bless you
Love Toli x x x

Peek-a-boo to my Blossom outfit!

At the moment I’m completely obsessed with florals so please don’t get tired of me updating about flowers almost all the time!
This an outfit i’m working for a school project…. the top is gonna be all hand stitched while the lower skirt im machine sewing it. I haven’t completed yet….. its still in the midway and i cant wait to finish it and tell you guys all about it and of course will show you too!!

stay Tuned :p
Stay Peachy!
Love Toli x x x