Backstage at Missoni Mens S/S14

It was quite a weekend. being at the fittings and at the show. I was sitting in the same room with STEPHEN MANN!!!! He’s currently the mens wear consultant for Missoni. And he had this really cool and fit assistant helping him out….honestly i was more excited to go to the fittings to watch the assistant then the clothes! hahaha 😀                                                                                                                         Even though this time i couldn’t take pictures at the backstage because they were being annoyingly strict. i had a moment when i even took out my camera n took some pics but i was caught and asked to delete it. I mean why?? Im not going to do any shit to them, i wanted the pictures to show those who weren’t able to be there! i mean like Whatever. 
Anyways i got to steal two pictures from my gay phone camera. Im a blogger , nobody can stop me from stealing pictures!!! :p

(note: i don’t own the pics below)

the stage…. the flooring was done with dried bamboos
These shoes had extra long laces that went wrapping around the shoe.
He was here again!! Fashionably in a Missoni zig-zag towel 😀

you can watch the runway show at the link below:

my outfit :
denim shirt: max mara
brocade skirt : Zara
shoes : bershka
Bag : H&M
accessories : thrift store
Socks: thrift store


Coming up soon!


             sorry i’ve been MIA again. been pretty much caught with everyday’s this and that’s and them’s!
            I’ve got so much to fill u guys up….. i’ve been having quite some week. My exams coming up too and im pretty much tied down to the school work at the moment so i shall ‘try’ to update often and tell you peachy stories haha. 
Anyways yesterday i was at Missoni men’s S/S14 show and annoyingly they did not allow us to take pictures backstage but i sure did not stop myself from stealing a lil bit of those moments.
Stay peachy shall update you soon.
Have a peachy week

Love Toli x x x


Backstage Missoni women F/W 13

   finally i got you some backstage pictures at Missoni women’s F/W 13 that happened yesterday at Milan, Italy. It was snow-raining and so cold but the show had a good ending with a good turn up. Us school guys were allowed for the fittings the other day and yesterday at the backstage. It was one good experience and of course we got a surprising 50 Euros each (haha). we weren’t allowed to take pictures again but here’s what i sneeked and got to take a few clicks. 
                     It was a smart and cleverly constructed collection and of course the knits, Missoni did it all over again! use of fine silk yarns, satins, tweeds, panne velvet, chiffon. the collection consisted of robes, knit column dresses, pyjama pants, silk collarless button-up tops, knee high boots, t-strap pointy toe ankle boots, color blocked knit tights. the colors were not too loud not to boring – mandarin orange, cobalt, peach, nude , silvery grey, black cream and lime.
the most interesting guy on the scene !!

last minute finishing!!
last minute make up touches!

love toli x


Happy weekend

i am so tired had a very long day….today…i just returned, i haven’t changed yet and all i wanna do right now is crawl into my bed like this but no i can’t coz i gotta wash up coz tomorrow is the missoni show and i gotta look Alive!! lol
So yes today we were at the Missoni house for the fittings….. but no we werent allowed to take pictures so 😦 but yes tomorrow for sure i will have pictures for you all! we also went to an exhibition at 10 Corso Como and oh the loveliness of everything there but the price was as lovely as the products were too hehe.

sorry i only have the gate picture :p n the exciting part was our password to enter the studio…. was our school name 😀

                 a very exciting exhibition place from clothes to books to accessories to painting to just everything…all the designers collection right here!    

 i was very happy to see this…i dont know why!!! 😀

Anyways hope you guys are having a good weekend!!
Happy peachy Sunday ahead ^_^
Toli x x x