Backstage at Missoni Mens S/S14

It was quite a weekend. being at the fittings and at the show. I was sitting in the same room with STEPHEN MANN!!!! He’s currently the mens wear consultant for Missoni. And he had this really cool and fit assistant helping him out….honestly i was more excited to go to the fittings to watch the assistant then the clothes! hahaha 😀                                                                                                                         Even though this time i couldn’t take pictures at the backstage because they were being annoyingly strict. i had a moment when i even took out my camera n took some pics but i was caught and asked to delete it. I mean why?? Im not going to do any shit to them, i wanted the pictures to show those who weren’t able to be there! i mean like Whatever. 
Anyways i got to steal two pictures from my gay phone camera. Im a blogger , nobody can stop me from stealing pictures!!! :p

(note: i don’t own the pics below)

the stage…. the flooring was done with dried bamboos
These shoes had extra long laces that went wrapping around the shoe.
He was here again!! Fashionably in a Missoni zig-zag towel 😀

you can watch the runway show at the link below:

my outfit :
denim shirt: max mara
brocade skirt : Zara
shoes : bershka
Bag : H&M
accessories : thrift store
Socks: thrift store


Full Bloom: Prints on prints

                        Have you ever tried prints on prints or you have been wanting to try it but your too afraid about how the look will go by. Well as risky and intimidating it can be, mixing prints the right way can make your day as fun as it can be.
                     Whenever you’re mixing prints, always keep one piece neutral or opt for a more subtle one piece. Don’t over do with more than two prints or patterns, you will absolutely kill the look. When donning allover florals, be sure to keep one print bold and one smaller scale and yes of course, choose the same color family it will help blend your prints.
                     Finally accessorise with a solid item and your look is all set! 

This a DIY skirt. handstitched…yes handstitched! i decided i will not spend my bucks on buying but rather create things for myself and yes i have begun doing it. And soon im gonna show you guys things  i will be creating in the days to come hehe. 
100% polyester with a sheer look. One of my fav summer outfit. i love the feel of it, that feel when you feel like you ain’t wearing anything. got me?? haha
So yeah! Enjoy mixing prints, have fun with them…just remember not to overdo them 🙂
Get Inspired,
Stay Peachy,
Bless you
Love Toli x x x

When on the Street

Hey peaches!
          Im trying to blog as much as i can. i wish i could update with a look-of-the-day for everyday but im still unable to do so because of the lack of a photographer n my tripod + i lost my camera memory card IN MY ROOM!!! [ and i still cannot find it! It just disappeared as soon i took it out of d camera…. it must be hiding somewhere and smirking at me or it must trying to call my name out loud saying “save me i’m here Toli!!” but i can’t hear her 😦 ] 
Anyways today was a real fine sunny day and i’d say less windy, just the perfect day to be out walking in the sun ^_^.  Well i wasn’t really just walking joblessly :p I went to meet a friend over a cup of coffee and had almost an endless conversation and i knew i found a friend 🙂
And okay! im not a big fan of black but everywhere around here you’d see people dressed in less color and more blacks and dark toned shades of greys and blacks. So today i tried to be like them unlike my usual colourful setting but yet tried to maintain a lil color in me :p

I didn’t need a SOCKS!!! ^_^

You can DIY the collars like i have done em…it brings a little life to your shirt ^_^
Happy Sunday,
Stay Peachy,
Love and Blessings,
Toli x x x



Trailing Tall tail

Ciao a tutti Peaches!!! ^_^
                    Some Love asymmetrical’s some don’t…and i’m not a very big fan as such… and this my one first asymmetrical buys. Well not really ‘my buy’ but my mom’s…she thought i’d look good in it haha. 
                      Anyways here i got this look set…. Asymmetrical Skirts!!! You can be just a bit sexy without revealing too much. It can really emphasize or create a waist. Flowy, elegant and dramatic i’d say… these skirts are just the right thing for any occasions , pair it with a tucked tops and you can even belt the waist and even pair with wedges or platform heels or Keds or sandals. You Know you are ready for Spring!!


Get Inspired,
Stay Peachy,
toli x x x