Orange SUnday!

How would you like to go on an Orange? 
My old love polkie with the orange knit and pair it with a studded hairband..and you’d look rock chic and not too much of a wanna-be-punk. 
Wanna try??
Have a peachy sunday
Love toli x x x
(PS: Jesus Loves you)


Polka dot . . . .

Hellow peaches!
              Sorry for being away for so long… i’ve been living a nomad’s life the past 3 weeks away from all Home’s comfort… but now im back and i will make it up for the days i went MIA!
             Just wanted to say Hellow to you guys and drop a little style to you that i forgot to post earlier :p
If you love polka dots then you’d love this…if not then get inspired :p
             Do you know how Minnie Mouse became a trendsetter??? 
                  Well s the story goes Walt Disney while he was drawing a character some of his ink accidentally dripped onto the page and some of it fell onto the dress of the drawn character. He thought that it was a lucky coincidence simply because he didn’t want to do a solid color dress because it’s too boring; stripes were out of style at the time and the dots seemed to be a perfect medium. And Voila Minnie’s polka dress came to Life!
             I love polkas n i will update more of my love for it in the coming days…so keep updated and do let me know if you start to like it too 😀

Sing Balloon with polkas

Hey Peaches,

                   Have you been up to much lately?? Well i have been so caught up with work outside my blog world. As a consultant designer for Nagaland Handloom and Handicraft Corporation, i’m presently working on a home furnishing collection which is a totally new endeavor for the company and they are having high expectations on me so i gotta really work my head off and that’s whats been keeping me so busy.
               Im working the collection under three themes – florals, geometric and stripes. Its gonna be preppy, play of colors yet minimal and modern.Its all gonna be woven which would later go for digital printing and embroidery. I’m planning for the samples to be completed by the end of November so if any of you come for the Hornbill festival on the first week of December, you’ll get to have a first peek to the collection 😀 Anyways ill keep you updated about it 😉

                 Tomorrow ill show you my new DIY surface embellished cardigans that i’ve made through these busy days…i’m hoping you’d like it. So keep updated and lookout for my next post.
 All my loving to you,
God bless you,
Toli x x x