DIY: Half n a Half

Hello peachy ones ^_^
               Loads of love to you all….im sure you have been having a fine week 🙂
Tonight im not going to blabber,i’m in a “butterflyattcakinmystomach” moment and i’m not telling you now! :p
but here’s another of my DIY tie dye shorts. Its been dyed half-n-half with a splash effect. Hope you like it. Its up for sell again 😀

If you’re interested you can leave me a message here or if you are at my facebook page you can leave me an inbox and i will hit back right to you!!
Thank you for all of your love,
Stay inspired and Keep the faith!
Love always,
Toli x x x


DIY : Bleach and Dye shorts

Hello everyone,
          Hoping everyone’s had a fine week and even if you didn’t, don’t worry bad days comes and goes, i face it almost every time, you just gotta smile and jump over it 🙂

For today’s post i worked on my short, it sure did take me some time trying to get the right effect i wanted. I first bleached a dark blue denim short and then later dyed it. To dye after bleaching you need to get to have that perfect white bleached surface and its hard to get a white bleach effect on a dark color so i had to bleach it over and over again. and voila! patience paid me :D.
Hope you like the look 🙂

Get inspired,
Be blessed,
Love TOLI!!! x x x x

PS: This one is for sell too ^_^


Diy : Tie Dye patches!

Hellows ^_^
             last week i was caught up with much work i couldn’t really make anything much love patches??  here it is, my patchy tie-dye work. Its pretty easy to make but takes a little bit much time. i first used a paint brush n sprayed the dye to get the patch effect. It depends upon what kind of patches you and how you want it sprayed upon. Anyways after the patches got dried, i then dyed it vertically over it using a lighter color. And again later i worked over it with studs.
Hope you like it?? 🙂
Stay Blessed,
Love Toli x x x

denim tie-dye shorts
800 rupees + courier tax.
For orders : You can message me on my page on facebook ‘ life is peachy’