In memory of an angel.

We all have angels in our lives, and this post i wanna dedicate to my one angel i had on earth for a short period of time and an angel that i have till forever. You’ll never know or feel what life’s bitter truth is until you lose the closest to you.

“We were so young but we had dreams that filled the sky,

You were my brave soldier, you were my best friend.
 Just twelve and i learnt the bitter truth of life,
when you slipped away that windy spring sunday.
He took you away quietly and didn’t give me a chance to hold you back!
Memories of you and me still so clear, creeping on me everyday,
I wonder every moment how life would have been,if you were still here today.
those yester years never seems to fade and life’s changed since you’ve been gone.
You’ve made heaven your home, i hope your doing well there.
i rejoice for the times i’ve spent with you, i was blessed to be your sister,
and im blessed i know i have an angel whose always watching over me.
Thirteen years and i still miss you! “

I Love you Mommy!

My mother my best friend, my teacher, my chef, my fashionista, my Mommy. 
    The one person with whom i could argue and argue for all silly reasons and be best of friends again within no time. The One person with whom i could trust in and always run to. The one person who believed in my dreams and pushed me now to be where i am.
I love You Mommy. You Inspire me everyday and everyday that i grow i wanna be like you, the person you are today.


I Spy the Green Eyes!

Hope you lot had a good Easter week. I did too even though i missed being at home. I had a trip to Venice as well which was kinda ruined by the rain but oh well it was alright. And an adventure on my way back where i landed in a town which i did not even the place name!! and like a lost traveller, had to ask a passerby ” whats this place name?? ” But it was such a beautiful place by a humangous lakeside!!! Im going back there soon!!! I wanna travel and travel and i wish i was working in some tv travel show haha

Happy weekend 😀
Love Toli x x x


Namaste from Milan!

Ciao peaches!
                     im super super sorry for being so gay and being so silent for these many gone days!!! i had been caught up running around for my visa and all other transfer stuffs. Finally im in MILAN!!!
                   im still in my adjusting mode here but i can’t wait to update you guys with all the fun and nice things that i am seeing everyday!! this weekend im gonna be at the missoni womens F/W 13 fittings and the final show on sunday. We aint allowed to take pictures but i will try to sneak some for you lot. and oh ! Angela Missoni is my professor….. take that!!! 😀
till then stay peachy everyday!!
Loads of Love,
God bless,
Toli x x x


Happy Christmas Weekend ^_^

                     This year has been one of the best years of my life….. ive had both the good days and the bumpy days but at the end all the bumpy days was worth the bump. And all these bumpy days i couldn’t have got through without my God, My Saviour, my best friend, my Jesus!
           God has been so amazingly gracious and kind to me. Always by my side, always listening to me. Even when times came when some of my own loved ones threw their back on me….. My Jesus held me through by sending me Angels to guide me through. He’s blessed me with more than i am worth and i know every step i take i will walk according to his will for every moment of my life is His and His alone.
            Everyday of my life i am blessed. God is the Passionate God!
                                                        Jesus is Love, Jesus Saves!


travelling diary

Banglore to Mumbai was quite a trip, from graduation to tearful farewell to my friends to the endless running around in Mumbai to attending the ITME…. i ran out of toli energy! :p

                                   This aint no shrine this my dearest friend’s shower 😀

        Found this in the beach and My friend said i must not touch this because it is bewitched!! :O  

                                   Annoyingly cute-Ugly little angry bird cupcakes

                                                     d tastiest masala Chai!

i was so lucky i could attend the International Textile Machinery convention and Exhibition held at Mumbai, this is held every after 3 years and it is known as the OLYMICS of textiles!! 😀
oh yes they made my name as Tohika but they later thankfully they corrected it!! :s