Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler

Its the weekend again time for me to get lazy haha.
 i have work to do but it doesn’t get me down because its the weekend, i don’t have to wake up at 8am!!
My friend gifted me this coat, fits me perfectly, a pop of colour for dull cold rainy days that we’ve been having lately. And this the perfect summer coat. Team it up over a plain dark colored dress, you don’t wanna be too colourful and a lil black beanie for your head. European summer rains ain’t like the hot indian summer rain… its still cold , wonder when will real summer come.
And this the ‘Great Wall of Toli’.
those fake flowers i bought em to make headbands but then i decided they look better on my wall then on my head so there they are, behind my lamp. i hardly use it unless im sleeping alone which happened only once. the lil dried flower my classmate boys gave it to us all on women’s day, post card from INDIA :D, chinese placemat on top of the lamp from my Chinese roommate as well as that lil note card. And on the top its a textile thing i made on ‘a place i dream of’ and that’s Paris. and yes the tag to remind me everyday my one saviour and hero, my JESUS

If you’re wondering what my post title means…..it is in French that says “i donot want to work”
This a song by this band called pink martini from USA. I heard this song over and over in a ‘ face cream advertisement’ when in India and i always would stop myself to listen to the song. I came upon it again here and now i want you to listen too …you might have already but just listen to it again 😀
i love the song, its preppy and makes me happy even though i really don’t understand a bit of it, but i like to mimick the way it sounds and sing it my way haha
Happy weekend,
Stay safe and stay Blessed,
Love Toli x x x


ZUCZUG: the Asian Marc Jacobs!

                             ZUCZUG??? What is ZUCZUG??? Haven’t heard before?? 
well my Chinese roommate introduced me to this brand and i absolutely love it! A Chinese homegrown local luxury brand by Wang YiYang , and is hoping to be the next Marc Jacobs!!!!
The brand already has 73 stores across china and is hoping to extend its stores all over asia.
  if you have the dough to spend go try this one, you won’t regret at all!
Inspired by traditional Chinese traditions and tech driven youth,  the line boasts with bright colours and bold designs.
here’s one from their collection that has the mosaic print.
wanna check out for more here’s their website http://www.zuczug.com
Have a beautiful week,
Stay peachy!!
Love toli x x x