Sorry Ill be back in Action soon!

ive been so caught up with the exams that i couldn’t blog for pretty long days now…n leaving my blog to die. But this weekend i shall update you with my college work that i successfully completed and im really excited to show you guys about it.

So stay Put and keep Updated Stay Peachy,
Love Toli x x x


Backstage at Missoni Mens S/S14

It was quite a weekend. being at the fittings and at the show. I was sitting in the same room with STEPHEN MANN!!!! He’s currently the mens wear consultant for Missoni. And he had this really cool and fit assistant helping him out….honestly i was more excited to go to the fittings to watch the assistant then the clothes! hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€                                                                                                                         Even though this time i couldn’t take pictures at the backstage because they were being annoyingly strict. i had a moment when i even took out my camera n took some pics but i was caught and asked to delete it. I mean why?? Im not going to do any shit to them, i wanted the pictures to show those who weren’t able to be there! i mean like Whatever. 
Anyways i got to steal two pictures from my gay phone camera. Im a blogger , nobody can stop me from stealing pictures!!! :p

(note: i don’t own the pics below)

the stage…. the flooring was done with dried bamboos
These shoes had extra long laces that went wrapping around the shoe.
He was here again!! Fashionably in a Missoni zig-zag towel ๐Ÿ˜€

you can watch the runway show at the link below:

my outfit :
denim shirt: max mara
brocade skirt : Zara
shoes : bershka
Bag : H&M
accessories : thrift store
Socks: thrift store



             HEy Peaches,
                               Today i wanna introduce you to WONON. 

     This an online Prรชtwear brand which has been started by a very close friend of mine along with four other creative minds. Launched on March 2013, Their first collection on T-shirts will be out this monsoon. Their designs consists of graphic prints focusing on geometric, surrealistic, minimal and abstract. And i can’t wait….hopefully i get to own one :p
And oh!!! they’re having a GIVEAWAY! so try your luck, get your words flowing and leave a comment on the pictures and if your words are as imaginative and cheesy as it can be , you could be the  lucky one to win their limited T- shirt collection ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
check this link to leave your comment!
So don’t forget to keep updating on them because i could fortell this could be the next big thing coz !
You could follow them on their Facebook page, Pinterest and on Twitter: 


Stay peachy,
Love Toli x x x

Coming up soon!


             sorry i’ve been MIA again. been pretty much caught with everyday’s this and that’s and them’s!
            I’ve got so much to fill u guys up….. i’ve been having quite some week. My exams coming up too and im pretty much tied down to the school work at the moment so i shall ‘try’ to update often and tell you peachy stories haha. 
Anyways yesterday i was at Missoni men’s S/S14 show and annoyingly they did not allow us to take pictures backstage but i sure did not stop myself from stealing a lil bit of those moments.
Stay peachy shall update you soon.
Have a peachy week

Love Toli x x x


In memory of an angel.

We all have angels in our lives, and this post i wanna dedicate to my one angel i had on earth for a short period of time and an angel that i have till forever. You’ll never know or feel what life’s bitter truth is until you lose the closest to you.

“We were so young but we had dreams that filled the sky,

You were my brave soldier, you were my best friend.
 Just twelve and i learnt the bitter truth of life,
when you slipped away that windy spring sunday.
He took you away quietly and didn’t give me a chance to hold you back!
Memories of you and me still so clear, creeping on me everyday,
I wonder every moment how life would have been,if you were still here today.
those yester years never seems to fade and life’s changed since you’ve been gone.
You’ve made heaven your home, i hope your doing well there.
i rejoice for the times i’ve spent with you, i was blessed to be your sister,
and im blessed i know i have an angel whose always watching over me.
Thirteen years and i still miss you! “

Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler

Its the weekend again time for me to get lazy haha.
ย i have work to do but it doesn’t get me down because its the weekend, i don’t have to wake up at 8am!!
My friend gifted me this coat, fits me perfectly, a pop of colour for dull cold rainy days that we’ve been having lately. And this the perfect summer coat. Team it up over a plain dark colored dress, you don’t wanna be too colourful and a lil black beanie for your head. European summer rains ain’t like the hot indian summer rain… its still cold , wonder when will real summer come.
And this the ‘Great Wall of Toli’.
those fake flowers i bought em to make headbands but then i decided they look better on my wall then on my head so there they are, behind my lamp. i hardly use it unless im sleeping alone which happened only once. the lil dried flower my classmate boys gave it to us all on women’s day, post card from INDIA :D, chinese placemat on top of the lamp from my Chinese roommate as well as that lil note card. And on the top its a textile thing i made on ‘a place i dream of’ and that’s Paris. and yes the tag to remind me everyday my one saviour and hero, my JESUS

If you’re wondering what my post title means…..it is in French that says “i donot want to work”
This a song by this band called pink martini from USA. I heard this song over and over in a ‘ face cream advertisement’ when in India and i always would stop myself to listen to the song. I came upon it again here and now i want you to listen too …you might have already but just listen to it again ๐Ÿ˜€
i love the song, its preppy and makes me happy even though i really don’t understand a bit of it, but i like to mimick the way it sounds and sing it my way haha
Happy weekend,
Stay safe and stay Blessed,
Love Toli x x x